ix) Be Wary Of Pseudo-Mentoring

. Mentoring is not

- performance management

- about the development of "political" connections

- concerned with exploiting the contact for promotion up the organisational ladder

- to facilitate the building of a power base.

If any of these happen, both parties are exploiting each other and the organisation. They undermine the value of merit, ie if you can get ahead by manipulating a mentor or demanding loyalty, then you don't need to develop your capacity for performance. The only way to guard against these kinds of abuses is to cultivate an open, candid atmosphere so that other people can see political relationships in their true light, and make their decisions accordingly.

Mentoring involves a genuine commitment to development and learning, and is not about loyalty.

. Indicators of poor mentoring

- dictating what to do. This is not the mentor's job

- trying to sell something or being evangelical

- providing solutions - the idea is to facilitate the mentee's development

- being confrontational before the relationship has been able to develop

- encouraging dependence or trying to prolong the relationship


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