vii) Feedback

Mentoring provides facilitation of learning, and involves

- providing feedback to staff

- asking for feedback from staff

- talking issues through collectively

- setting expectations

- providing a learning approach to issues

- stepping into others' positions in order to learn

- shifting staff's perceptions and opinions

- offering analogies, scenarios and examples

- engaging with others to encourage learning

. In other words, positive mentoring behaviours include

"...- soliciting feedback - asking questions to get feedback from employees on progress

- building issues through discussion to enhance employees' understanding of situations and expanding their knowledge about those situations

- setting expectations - ensuring that employees know what is expected of them in terms of performance, but always ensuring understanding as to why those outcomes are important and how they fit into the big picture

- promoting a learning environment - creating and encouraging opportunities for employees to learn, reflect on that learning, and translate those learnings into systematic ways of doing things

- stepping into others' positions in order to learn - encouraging employees to understand other points of view in order to appreciate different perspectives

- shifting employees' perspectives and opinions - arranging new experiences that are designed to create new and multiple perspectives

- offering analogies, scenarios and examples - relaying personal events and experiences, as well as stories of others, in order to encourage insight and understanding

- engaging others to encourage learning - suggesting third parties to communicate with in order to hear and appreciate other views and opinions..."

Harry Onsman, 2004d

Feedback is part of mentoring. There are 3 distinct types of feedback

i) observational (based on what the mentor observes)

ii) reflective (based on the mentor encouraging the mentee to make their own assessment)

iii) third party (based on obtaining feedback from third parties which is then provided to the mentee)


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