xxxvi) Loyalty & Connectiveness

Need to look beyond organisations on the private and public sector to understand how to find ways to harness loyalty and connectedness. For example, need to look at how communities work, eg social networks on the Internet, community groups like not-for-profits, sporting communities, hobby groups, etc. Thus

"...understand how and why......clubs have a knack of knotting together communities and for fostering goodwill between people from vastly different backgrounds......Imagine if a business could also harness this loyalty by taking a leadership role in the community that transcends the core products and service that it provides..."

Colin McLeod as quotes by Joanna Mather, 2010

Technology can discourage connectedness. Face-to-face contact is the best way to encourage connectedness. The use of technology, like Internet, has resulted in less face-to-face contact.

Underestimating the importance of small talk. It builds affinity and trust, and pays big dividends. Therefore we need to pay attention to everyone and notice personal details like new clothes, sad look, etc. Developing positive human relationships at all levels is pivotal in building connectedness.

Not realising that improving the weakest link in a team has a greater impact than bringing in a "super" star. This is based on research into soccer teams (Simon Kuper, 2013)



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