xxxiv) Best Connection Or Click With Others

Not understanding how to make the best connection or "click" with others. Performance can be maximized by employing 6 elements or "click accelerators" (Fiona Smith 2010r):

i. vulnerability (willing to show some vulnerability or flaws in order to appear human)

ii. proximity (willing to get up close physically; face-to-face interaction is important; being part of the in-group by your presence)

iii. resonance (making people feel important by asking them questions; paying attention to them)

iv. similarity (people who have similar interests are attracted to each other; does not matter what the similarities are; need to zero in on similarities/commonalities and accentuate them; the more similarities the better)

v. environment (overcoming a challenge or adversity and consequently becoming part of a shared, defined community; talk about achievements as a group, etc)

vi. reflection (mirror another's posture and voice)

. Need to understand "psychosocial contamination" or "peer group pressure" (AFR, 2010a). When looking at friendships, the activity of friends can influence others' activity in the same friendship group. We underestimate our friendship influence (both positive and negative) on each other. For example, people watching a friend showing self-control will themselves tend to show the same restraint. Similarly, Weight Watchers use this peer group pressure and flow-on effect of someone in a friendship group making a decision about losing weight. Even though each friendship group is different and individualised, friendship is about being with people who have similar interests and being with people you like.


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