xxxii) Engagement & Productivity

Not understanding ways to improve engagement within an organisation during a time of change, especially downsizing. According to Fiona Smith (2009g), ways include

- improve communications, especially by being available and visible to staff, ie walk around the office/workplace and talk to staff

- check that staff workloads are not unduly increased

- use "survival workshops" where groups of around 10 people gather to have the organisation's decisions explained (including future directions of the organisation, such as situations or conditions for more staff changes, etc) and are able to ask questions and vent their feelings. Other types of workshops can involve career management, developing resilience, etc so that staff members have more control over their own futures.

- ensure appropriate outplacement services are available

. Not understanding the link between engagement and productivity and keeping staff, ie

organisational development change management

Need to understand why staff work for the organisation and what their career aspirations might be? There is a real chance to build productivity and profitability through engaged staff

Use the above diagram to classify staff and develop strategies to handle staff. For example,

- the unengaged (20%) can take much of management's time with little benefit unless you can find ways to motivate their interest

- the wanting to perform group (40%) may need help through training, coaching, communications, etc to improve their productivity

- the business builders (20%) need to be constantly motivated, acknowledged and rewarded

- waiting for the next job offer (20%): unless they have specific skills that are needed in short-term, they should be encouraged to leave as they are not going to be long-term players in the organisation unless you can tap into their "passion".

"...Research shows companies with engaged employees make 2.5 times more revenue and they're 80% more likely to retain employees..."
David Holyoke as quoted by Yolanda Redrup 2018


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