xxv) Power (sharing)

There is a real paradox in exercising power

"...your power as a leader increases as you give it away. Notice that this is not the same as giving up your power......Research has consistently shown, however, that when people feel they can influence a decision and exercise a level of control, they invest emotionally in the outcome..."

Martyn Newman, 2007

This is called sharing power.

. Not understanding the need to improve team performance and effectiveness by

"...1. Task performance: interpreting past performance and applying it to future tasks;

2. Vicarious experience: learning from other teams' performance;

3. Motivation: how knowledge is shared, whether team members are encouraged, supported and given feedback;

4. Psychological safety: whether team members feel safe putting forward ideas and taking risks..."

Tania Bucic et al as quoted by Catherine Fox, 2007k


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