xx) Importance Of Trust

Not realising the importance of trust in leadership in a team situation. The characteristics of trustworthiness (Nicole Gillespie, 2012) include

- competency (having the knowledge, skills and experience to handle the job)

- benevolence (people expect leaders to have their best interests at heart)

- integrity (adherence to a set of clear principles, such as honesty and fairness)

There are 6 ways leaders can build trust with their teams

i) empowerment (involves team members in all decisions and allows them freedom to make their own decisions)

ii) coordination (allocate tasks and negotiate expectations and resources with all stakeholders)

iii) coaching (encourage members to understand individual strengths and weaknesses, help members to meet their goals and look at challenges in different ways)

iv) share common values and goals (develop team values and goals that are shared by all team members and which dominate individual values and goals)

v) role model (be a positive role model on competency and integrity)

vi) benevolence (show openness, availability, transparency, fairness, honesty, etc)

NB One important way to build trust is to share something very personal with others.

. Not realizing that there are several essential conditions which will allow managers to give staff the freedom to sell their own problems; these conditions are

"...a) staff have a relatively high role in a decision-making,

b) staff are 'ready' to take on the responsibility

c) they have a relatively high tolerance of ambiguity

d) they are interested in the problem and feel that it is important

e) they identify with the mission of the organisation

f) they have learned to expect to participate in decision-making..."

Tannenbuam as quoted by David Pitonyak, 2005

. Linking happiness with money and materialistic benefits, such as new car, house, etc

"...Research has found that for many, money keeps people from being unhappy but it does not make them happy......real happiness in a job comes from feeling valued and appreciated..."

Joanne Gavin as quoted by Lucy Battersby, 2006

Money and materialist benefits are more linked with short-term pleasure than happiness.

. Not understanding the link between work and other aspects of your life

"...it is difficult to be happy and healthy at work if you are unhappy and unhealthy in other aspects of your life..."

Lucy Battersby, 2006


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