xix) Effective Teams

Not appreciating that for teams to be effective there is a need for clarity and understanding in

- team goals

- team performance scoreboard

- team ground rules

- meeting rules and procedures

- team record system

- Need to understand how to build trust in a team?  This can be done by exhibiting integrity and consistency in terms of how you make decisions, how you behave and what example to set.  Sincerity and purpose are also critical.  For people to be able to trust your competence and ethics, they need to know what to expect from you.  It is important to be open to people and explain to them your strengths, your weaknesses, etc.

- Not appreciating the critical role of managers in the process of handing accountability over to the team

"...Accountability needs to be handed over in a disciplined and planned manner. At each hand over, the manager needs to check that the team is ready (that is, it is willing and able to take on the accountability). Thereafter, the manager needs to check that the team is handing the new accountabilities capably, and provide support if not......support means access to training, to expertise and to advice. Don't do the job for them; help them do the job..."

Harry Onsman, 2004d


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