xi) Importance Of Power

Not understanding the importance of power. Need to understand that the world is not just and that being good at your job is not enough. Furthermore, the relationship between rewards and competence is not strong. What is more important is the ability to project drive and self-confidence; being a pragmatist. Based on work by Jeffrey Pfeffer as quoted by The Economist (2010c), suggests that the way to gain power is by

- choosing the right department, ie the most powerful and/or increasing in importance, eg finance in America, research and development in Germany, etc

- ability to manage upwards

- mastering the art of flattery

- ability to network

- loyalty

- knowing when to leave

One of the keys to keeping power is to understand its corrupting effects. Most powerful people know how to cultivate a combination of paranoia and humility, ie

"... paranoia about how much other people want them out and humility about their own replaceability..."

The Economist, 2010c

Furthermore, powerful people have fewer health problems than people in lower status positions.

Research by Melbourne University has shown that leaders with lower levels of testosterone are less likely to be corrupted by power, ie they are less likely to become narcissistic when put in a position of power.

"... Previous research had shown that narcissists tend to rise to - and abuse - positions of power. This latest research found that giving social power to people with higher testosterone levels inflated the socially toxic components of the narcissism called exploitation and entitlement..."

Patrick Durkin 2018

"...when you give people social power, they start to feel a sense of entitlement - they expect and demand respect from others. They think they can play by their own rules...... this can be problematic in a workplace; power-holders become willing to exploit others to get what they want..."

Nicole Mead as quoted by Patrick Durkin 2018

It was found that high testosterone in either men or women gave the same result.

Also, high testosterone people tend to seek positions of power.

The most destructive impacts of power were more due to need to be treated by others as special and better rather than feeling superior.

One important measure of this is the willingness to improve their personal outcomes at the expense of others, eg taking credit for thier staffs' ideas.


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