ix) Teams

It is very hard to be certain about what factors contribute to a team's accomplishments. The temptation is to hypothesize explanations, look for interpretations that best fit our experience. The more complex the change, the harder it is to explain with any certainty. It is important to develop reflective openness, ie to be continually testing our own thinking, so that we are less likely to confuse confidence with certainty.

. Assuming the team concept of management (including sporting teams) is applicable to all organisations and situations

. Not accepting

"...teamwork is a practice. Great teamwork is an outcome; you can only create the conditions for it to flourish..."

Jerry Useem, 2006a

"...The glue that holds any high performance team together is culture......trust, integrity, honesty, transparency and communications, passion and enjoying the journey. The essence of performance is rock solid cultural values..."

John Bertram (captain of the 1983 America's Cup winning yacht) as quoted by Matthew Drummond, 2013a


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