i) Hierarchy

Narrow and strong hierarchical organisational structure which restricts connectedness. In this situation, management takes full control of setting the organisation's objectives and determining priorities which implies that management possesses all the knowledge and expertise relevant to making decisions ‐ this is incorrect. Generally front-line staff are more in tune with what the market is doing.

Research is showing that what fosters committed staff is

"...less hierarchy and more autonomy, greater flexibility and a focus on results rather than hours..."

Joanne Earl (Gallop Organisation) as quoted by Catherine Fox, 2006i

Furthermore, communication such as regular feedback is important, especially from one's immediate boss

. A misunderstanding about what empowerment means, eg

"do what I say and act as if you like it"


"everybody gets to vote on everything".

The first statement implies that as far as decision-making goes, it is still in management's hands, while the second statement suggests that all decisions will be determined by voting. Neither of these 2 positions is an optimal depiction of the notions of connectedness and empowerment.


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