xxiii) Inappropriate Management Approaches

Not realizing some inappropriate management approaches to change include

"...We spring change upon people without any explanation.....and expect them to nod their heads in submissive agreement.

We communicate the change via announcement......rather than by open dialogue.

We perceive resistance as a negative response...... and ignore that it is a legitimate attempt to protect the investment which got us to where we are.

We expect people to buy into our solutions......rather than enlist them to solve their own problems.

We believe the role of management is to make decisions......rather than to lead people towards solutions.

We demand that change occurs immediately......when we know that real, deep, permanent change takes time.

We see people who won't change as the enemy......rather than as proof that we haven't made the case for change.

We insist that change can occur without error......when we know that learning any new skill may involve initial failure.

We believe that people always resist change...... when we know for a fact that people embrace huge personal change and only resist those changes we attempt to force upon them.

Even though our change projects fail, we resist changing how we implement change, finding it easier to blame those who resist how we implement change..."

Peter de Jager, 2010


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