xxi) Staff (Attraction V Engagement)

Not realizing that the factors that attract staff, retain staff and engage staff can be different and/or have varying degrees of significance. Some examples,

- a competitive pay base is more important in attracting staff than retaining and/or engaging them

- an organisation's reputation as a great place to work and career advancement opportunities are important in attracting, retaining and engaging staff

- organisation's reputation for social responsibility is important for obtaining and engaging staff.

. Not appreciating that alignment is important and it does not mean harmonious agreement. There is a need for some creative tension and competition that will challenge the status quo but not cause dysfunction. For challenges to be handled proactively and productively the following framework is suggested

- focus on high impact issues, ie challenge the important and complex issues that will lead to a noticeable and sustainable improvement

- focus on the future, ie

"... forget the past and power struggles that are history, and don't bother appropriating blame..."

Saj-Nicole A Joni et al, 2010

Look for long-term benefits that are achievable and which people are willing to work on.

- pursue a noble purpose, ie go beyond self-interest to unleash profound collective imagination and abilities


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