xviii) Continuous Process

Not realising that communication is a continuous process and not a single event. In all communications, the message about the change process is included, eg

- in routine discussions about a business problem, the proposed solutions are discussed as to how they fit into the new direction;

- during regular performance appraisals, employees' activities, behaviours, etc are discussed in relation to the new direction;

- when reviewing business performance, in addition to discussing the numbers, the behaviour of individuals is discussed in ways contributing to the transformation

But most senior management members communicate poorly by

- holding a single meeting to communicate the new direction

- making speeches to selected employee groups

- some very visible senior executives still behave in ways that are not reflecting the new direction

Remember: change is only possible with the help of staff and they need to be communicated to so that they understand what the change is all about. Without credible communications that captures their hearts and minds, staff will not make the necessary sacrifices, even if they are unhappy with the status quo.

(source: John Kotter, 2007)


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