ix) Press Right Buttons

Not identifying how to press the "right button", ie what will motivate staff to get aboard the change process. The debate revolves around 2 approaches, ie behaviourist vs cognitive psychology. The behaviourist view is that staff members are stimulated by constant exposure which accumulates and creates an internal mental response, such as continual advertising. In contrast, the cognitive approach states that people do not acquire information consciously: only 5 percent of what we know is still at the conscious level. Most information processing occurs at the unconscious level; this is at the level of recall or awareness and is the hardest to access

. Not realizing that intrinsic motivation, such as working on the people's strengths, passions, etc, is more powerful than external motivators, such as the "stick and carrot" approach. The intrinsic factors are "pull" rather than "push" strategies.


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