Shared Values

Not realising the importance of shared values - these are what bind the staff together and help to maintain consistency throughout the organisation. This puts the "fire in the belly", ie a motivation tool and is what holds staff together with one purpose, one set of values, one set of principles. For example,

- Proctor & Gamble have values that underscore the importance of leadership, ownership, integrity, passion for winning and trust

- IBM has its values based around the customer, world-improving innovation, respect and responsibility. IBM

"...uses these values as connective tissue, that has longevity. If people can connected and have pride in their entity's success, they will do what is important to IBM..."

Sam Palmisano(IBM) as quoted by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, 2008


"...Values aroused aspirations to increase the company's positive impact on the world, and that is worth more to many people than increases in compensation..."

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, 2008

. Not realizing that staff are inclined to be more creative when the organisation's values stress helping the community. For example, Banco Real (a Brazilian arm of a European bank)

"...put social and environmental responsibility at the core of its search for differentiation. The result was a spate of new financial products, including consumer loans for green projects (such as converting autos or houses), micro-finance for poor communities, and the first carbon credit trading in the region.......also chose suppliers with high environmental and social standards and even helped them improve their practices. By 2007, it was enjoying the fruits of its values; it more than doubled its profitability, and had grown in size to become the third largest bank in Brazil..."

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, 2008


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