i) Focus/Purpose

Focus/purpose is

- not sensible

- not clear

- not simple

- inappropriate for the times

- not linking with core ideology (core purpose and core values)

- not sufficiently far-reaching, or is too far-reaching

- developed too quickly and is ultimately inappropriate

- lacking in consistency as "words, actions, deeds and reward/recognition/remuneration systems" are not reinforcing it

- not communicated enough to capture the "hearts and minds"

- an extension of the senior management's collective ego alone

- a whim or idea or cliche or fashionable/trendy catch-cry like "going for excellence", "going to a low-cost producer", etc

- a smoke-screen for another agenda, eg budget cuts are rationalised as a way to improve operations

- not linking with all the organisation's current and future activities and behaviours with the purpose, ie performance appraisal, compensation, etc.

- associated with negative aspects of the change like job losses, and in these cases there is a need to stress new growth possibilities, and a commitment to treat fairly anyone who is laid off or disadvantaged by the change

- limited use when the future is unknown

- can create a too-narrow focus

- has no passion in it


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