Examples Of Effective Shared Purpose/Vision

NASA "Before this decade is out, landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth"

President John Kennedy

This is a goal and not a vision. Since successfully achieving this goal, NASA has struggled to find another worthy goal.

GE "The most competitive enterprise in the world"

Furthermore, Jack Welch wanted GE

"To operate with the speed, informality, and open communication of a corner store"

Jack Welch as quoted by Jack Welch et al, 2005

Google "Organise the world's information and make it universally acceptable and useful"

Microsoft "A computer on every desk and in every home, running Microsoft software"

In 2001, this vision statement was revisited and changed to

"Empower people through great software ‐ any time, any place and on any device"

By 2007 it had evolved further:

"To enable people and businesses to realise their full potential"

Salvation Army "Making respectable citizens out of society's misfits and outcasts"

(such as alcoholics, criminals and derelicts)

USA Peace Corp "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your


Coca-Cola "To put Coke within arm's reach of everyone on the planet"

Walt Disney "If you dream it, you can do it"

Nike "Just do it"

This changed in late 1990's after Nike was attracting negative vibes, such as too mainstream and using cheap, youth labour in developing countries, etc.. The revised Nike vision:

"I can"

Girl Scouts (USA) "Helping youngsters become confident, capable young women who respect themselves and other people..."

National Conservancy (USA) "Preserve the diversity of nature's fauna and flora"

Fiji Electricity Authority "Energising our people, our nation"

Later this was changed to

"Energising our nation"

IBM "Provide the best business solution"

Previously proprietary hardware was the glue that bound IBM to its customers. Now it is IBM's experts who are its best asset because they can help customers figure out and implement the unique technology set-ups that allow them to differentiate themselves from competitors. This is achieved by producing high quality products that present good value

Nolan Meats "Delivering pleasurable meat moments, every time"

Shell "Go well, go Shell"

BP "Beyond Petroleum"

This has resulted in BP (originally British Petroleum) re-focusing away from fossil-type fuels to sustainable sources, such as wind, solar and water

National Road Safety Council (Fiji) "Safety on the Move"

Land Transport Authority (Fiji) "Steering Fiji Safely"

Punjas (Pacific) "The Choice of the Pacific"

TFL (Fiji) "The world at your fingertips

Proctor & Gamble "Improve the lives of the world's consumers"

Merk & Co "Medicine is for people"

IKEA "To create a better everyday life for people"

Facebook "To network all mankind on line"

Cochlear (developer of the bionic ear hearing device) "Restoring hearing to the deaf"

3M "To solve the unsolvable problems innovatively"

Dyson "To solve problems others seem to ignore"

Wal Mart "To give ordinary folk the chance to buy the same things that rich people buy"

Whatsapp  "Put the app on every single smartphone in the world"

Uber  started as "everybody's private driver"  it has change to  "An instant gratification service that gives people what they want, when they need it"

Airbnb   "To blaze a trail for improved global economic model that is fairer and more efficient than today's"

Spotify     "...To unlock the potential of human creativity..."

Dropbox    "... To unleash the world's creative energy by designing a more enlightened way of working..."

Panasonic "Eliminate poverty from this world"

Konosuke Matsushita as quoted by Yancey Strickler 2019

This was developed in 1918 when Matusushita started one of the first electrical companies in Japan that grew to become Panasonic

Tesla "to accelerate the world transition to sustainable energy"

Some more vision statements (Australian)

John Holland, an Australian-based infrastructure and property developer "...Transforming and Improving Lives..."

NAB, an Australian-based bank    "...Back the bold who move Australia forward..."

ANZ, an Australian-based bank    "... By helping people make their money work, we transform ideas, hard work and ambition into reality..."

Westpac, an Australian-based bank       "...We exist to enable the Australian economy to thrive..."

IAG, an insurance company    "...We Make Your World a Safer Place..."

Mirvac, an Australian-based real estate group    "...Reimagine Urban Life..."

BHP Billiton, an international mining giant    "...Think Big..."

Recently it has changed its name back to BHP and its vision statement, ie"...Bring people and resources together to create a better world"

Energy Australia        "...Light the Way..."

On the other hand, the visioning can have a downside. For example, Enron changed its vision from "the world's best oil and gas company" to "the world's best company"!!!!

A vision can be like a slogan, eg I love New York (John Leland, 2016)

organisational development change management

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