xvii) Management And Immediate Supervisor

Management who are good at championing change but poor at changing themselves, ie managers who don't assign the best people because they fear that the work of their own department will suffer

. Under-estimating the importance of the immediate supervisors. It has been observed (T.J Larkin, et al, 1996) that generally staff will listen and take notice of their immediate supervisor more than anyone else in the organisation. Furthermore, according to Martyn Newman (2007), the relationship with the supervisor is the most dominant factor in improving staff productivity; with the key drivers of improving productivity being:

- feeling cared and valued by a supervisor or someone at work

- receiving recognition or praise in the past 7 days

- receiving regular encouragement of development (personal and professional)

NB The key drivers of performance are not carrot (rewards) and sticks (rules)

An Australian study (Fiona Smith, 2012) re-enforces the concept that frontline managers or supervisors have the greatest impact on profitability and productivity. Additionally, those organisations that have the best connections with staff and make people feel valued (e.g. sense of identity, self-esteem, get acknowledgment from bosses, etc) are 3 times more productive. Other ingredients for a high performance workplace include:

- ability to respond to changes in environment

- effective use and quality of information, communication & technology

- attracting & retaining high-quality staff

- flexibility in employee behaviour & skills

. Often transitional change starts when a small group of people start "learning". Generally they make major strides in their own learning before the rest of the organisation does. Sometimes these learners, who are usually in the transitional team, will make other people in the organisation anxious and envious, so that the organisation's auto-immune system will reject the transitional team and its ideas. The organisation's value system and culture needs to have enough flexibility to allow individual learning


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