x) Wrong Attitudes

Allowing into the transitional team people with the wrong attitudes, ie

- who are closed-minded, ie custodians of the traditions or supporters of the status quo

- who have no passion for change, ie talkers rather than doers

- who are regarded as outsiders, ie not part of the mainstream of the organisation

- who have big egos, ie must always have their own way

- who are control freaks, ie need to tick boxes and follow a predetermined path

- who create mistrust, ie are not honest

- who are reluctant players, ie conscripts

- who are "I" (eye) specialists, ie "I have done this and that"

- who display "Fig Jam"syndrome, ie F--- I'm Good, Just Ask Me

- who are non-believers, ie resistors and/or CAVEs and/or custodians of the traditions

- who have meetings outside the team meeting, ie have a different agenda

- who are volunteers, ie always want to join something that is new and they tend to loss interest "once the novelty has worn off"

- who get the results, ie deliver on commitments; make the numbers, but do not share the values of the organisation, ie get the results by any means

Remember: it is more important in selecting team members

"...to go with passion and commitment rather than an org chart..."

Peter Senge et al, 2005


(source: Sylia Duckworth, 2017)

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