iii) Power V Influence

"...if you have power, you're able to change things and you have the ultimate ability to make something happen......with influence you have to try to get other people with power to do something......power is exerted downwards and influence is applied upwards..."
Anne Summers as quoted by Caitlin Fitzsimmons, 2015

"...Power is the ability to force an outcome, versus the power to influence or add to a conversation that may ultimately lead to an outcome..."
Naomi Simson as quoted by Caitlin Fitzsimmons, 2015

Based on this analysis it is suggested that social media has influence rather than power as social media puts pressure on people holding power and influences them to make certain decisions. Some examples:

- Kim Kardashian (US celebrity) influenced Twitter to add an edit feature.
NB Kim Kardashian's following on Instagram (45 m.), Twitter (35 m.) and Facebook (26m.) (2015)

- Taylor Swift (who has 63 m. Twitter followers) used social media to get Apple to reverse its policy of not paying musicians during a 3 months free streaming trial

Once somebody on social media attracts followers who become his/her audience, then they have the ability to have an impact on the audience. Social media influence can be transient as its endurance depends the community. True influence comes from longevity, building relationships and good content.


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