Iii) Others

Other companies include car sharing networks, skills exchanges, crowd financing for banking and investment; shared workspaces, new marketplaces for unwanted goods, etc (see attached diagram on collaborative economy ventures)


organisational development change management


· Some traditional players are joining the sharing economy

- DHL (courier company) has launched its Myways smart phone app in Europe to tap unrecognised demand parcel pickup

- Marriot (hotelier) has Liquidspace which sells idle meeting rooms and conference rooms

- Westpac (banker) uses Onesociety as a peer-to-peer lender with those seeking a return by lending money

(source: Jacob Greber et al, 2014; James Hutchinson, 2014a; Nasssim Khadem et al, 2014; Jacob Greber et al, 2014a; Jamesw Chessell, 2014)


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