x) Aligning Information Systems, Etc

Not realising that aligning Information Systems with other parts of the business is essential for success. Some questions around this include:

i) do we have the right IT?
ii) how do we know it is right?
iii) how can we best align our technology systems with our business?

Using 3 perspectives (business, application and technology). For example, describe the portfolio of applications that leverage aspects of your business, ie supply chain management, etc with information requirements, ie customer profiles, warehousing, research and development, etc, and technology infrastructure like data storage systems, security, etc.

Some questions around how business works without getting bogged down in operation details, eg

- How can IT support the processes and workplace required by your organisation?
- What information do you need to capture, store, share and manage in order to improve your organisation's performance?
- How can you your application portfolio, like supply chain, etc, leverage the special dynamics of the way you conduct business?
- How will IT architecture, standards and interface choices limit or leverage the special dynamics of the way you conduct business?
- Which technology infrastructure, like communications, etc, is crucial to the performance of your business?
- In your organisation where does security play an important role and how does it influence your IT?
- What investments in IT research and development could improve the way the organisation does business?

. Not understanding that people will hide behind procedures, systems, process, rules and regulations, etc despite how great the sense of urgency is to change or do things differently. For example, the Japanese in cars trying to escape the tsunami became stuck in "one-way" traffic jams. Even though no traffic was going the other way, the drivers refused to drive on the wrong side of the road to escape the coming wave of water. Thus many lives were lost unnecessarily.


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