viii) Neuroscience (Insight, Threats, Etc)

The field of neuroscience is suggesting that the concept of creating an insight may have a similar impact to creating a sense of urgency. The key to creating an insight is helping people understand the problem/challenge/situation, etc themselves and for them to focus on possible solutions. In this way people are getting ownership of the problem and the solution. It is thought

"...the energy of insight might be the thing that propels people through the fear of change and their automatic homeostasis response. If we want people to change, they need to come to an idea themselves, to give their brain the best chance of being energized by the creation on the wide-scale new map......the way to bring about insight is not to think about people's issues for them, but to help them reflect more deeply and support their ability to generate connections..."

David Rock et al, 2006a

. Furthermore, neuroscience is claiming that if the sense of urgency is seen as a too much of a threat, it is both mentally taxing and reduces productivity on the person and/or organisation, ie

"...this response uses up oxygen and glucose from the blood, they are diverted from other parts of the brain, including the working memory function, which processes new information and ideas. This impairs analytical thinking, creative insight and problem solving; in other words, just when people most need their sophisticated mental capabilities, the brain's internal resources are taken away from them..."

David Rock, 2009


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