iii) Complacency

"...800 years of economic history teaches that as memories fade, complacency sets in, and backsliding begins..."
Mark Carney as quoted by Justin O'Brien 2018

Complacency about a sense of urgency at all levels in an organisation, especially middle management which has a degree of autonomy.

. Not understanding that complacency is one of the key indicators of poor organisational performance. This means that staff are reluctant to challenge things. On the other hand, if there is a high amount of dysfunctional fighting with, for example, political point scoring and silo mentality dominating, etc the focus moves away from important issues. Ideally there is a need for a healthy degree of dissent, competition and tension with the right balance of alignment so that individuals and groups perform their best.

. A blurring of the distinction between "urgency" and "panic and/or anger"

. Insufficient patience ie "enough with the preliminaries, let's get on with it"

. Paralysis owing to possible negative responses from staff, ie become worried about staff morale, its effect on short-term business results, etc.


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