10.  What You Believe

A game which best describes what you believe, ie which of these messages do you consider to be true?

1.  Together is always better
2.  Do what you love with people you love
3.  Everything will come together
4.  Play again now
5.  Little by little with joy
6.  Just say yes

1.  Some activities are best done alone, like writing
2.  How do you handle people who you don't like but have to work with
3.  Things don't always come together without effort
4.  We have all become so serious and need to relearn to be playful
5.  Sometimes we need to do things that are not necessarily joyful
6.  Saying "no" upfront can avoid having to get out of things that you never wanted to do in the first place (Marion Hume, 2016),

(source: David Rock, 2009; Bill Synnot, 2012; Malcolm Gladwell, 2005; John Medina, 2009)


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