Empathy and Body Language

Use to build relationships; involves theory of mind (sense of self); involves reading body language, especially facial, so able to understand what people are thinking & feeling; people will read your body language rather than listen to your words as a way of determining your true intentions; if inconsistencies between words, body language message wins; importance of "face-to-face" meeting. Need to show empathy with people; need to develop listening skills, ie need to listen to, & respect, others' wants, needs, dreams, inspiration, etc; focus on individual strengths & cover weaknesses by others' strengths; treat people as individuals as the basis for a meaningful relationship, ie know their identity (family history, hobbies, interests, achievements, etc); explains why we don't follow-up, ie poor on implementation; fads are favoured, ie a tendency to go for simplistic solution(s) that can mask the real problem(s)


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