Stress Calculation

- This calculation is based upon

i) average worker loses 3.2 days as a result of stress

ii) 230 working days per year

Thus impact on payroll is up to 1.4% (3.2 of 230 days) of payroll

Thus a possible scenario is

- level of staff turnover 13.8

- level of rework 15.0

- level of wasted work 15.0

- level of stress 1.4


Thus just under 50% of your payroll could be wasted.

Image what would be the benefits of saving 50% of this and spending time on productive things. It is better to increase productivity rather than just cut costs

Additional factors that can be costed and evaluated include

- poor customer service as shown by satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy levels

- slow and poor decision-making

- internal turf wars

- lack of inter-department coordination

- "gameplaying" during the budgeting and planning rounds

- lack of creativity, initiative-taking and risk-taking

- focus on self-interest rather than organisational interest

- limited delegation/involvement/impoundment/connectedness, etc


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