Iii) Not Understanding Organisational Culture (Including Behaviour Of Complex Systems)


Not understanding the culture of the organisation that you are working with and/or trying to impose your views of what should be done.

"...corporate culture is manifest in distinctive patterns of human behaviour based on core values, beliefs and traditions. Culture is tangible by corporate lore, ceremonies, celebrations of achievement and institutional comportment, as well as through a company's goals, strategies, management processes, structure and methods of allocating resources..."

Lawerence Fisher, 2005

"...once members of the organisation begins to adopt ways of working and criteria for making decisions by assumptions, rather than by conscious decision, then those processes and values come to constitute the organisation's culture......culture is a powerful management tool......culture enables employees to act autonomously and causes them to act consistently..."

Clayton Christensen et al, 2003

To handle new problems, challenges, etc it is easy if the organisation's capabilities reside primarily in the people; if the capabilities reside more in processes and values, to the extent they have become embedded in the culture, change can be very difficult to achieve.


"...The power of a belief system......is extremely deep-rooted and respected, sometimes above all other considerations. It shows us that culture has the capacity to transform or entirely dominate our biologically ingrained instincts, and that we should never underestimate its power..."

Robert Winston, 2003

"...culture is perhaps the hardest area to influence but fundamental to long-term success..."

Sam Palmisano (IBM) as quoted by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, 2008

 "...culture is to humans as water is to fish..."
David Foster Wallace as quoted by Dana Houston Jackson, 2021

"...culture is what happens when leaders leave the room..."
Dana Houston Jackson, 2021


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