Xxiii) Levi

- 150+ years old company that invented blue jeans (501) and has 2,700 stores around the globe but needs to act like a start-up, ie agility, different points of view, energy, excitement, etc
- need to combine an element of the unexpected with the expected, eg customers know they will find Levi's products in the store but they would not expect to find Levi's hosting a free music concert with the entrance ticket being the wearing of a pair of Levi jeans, ie

"...It was unexpected social media meets product meets music. We got literally millions and millions of hits through social media, through all sorts of PR..."

James Curleigh as quoted by Hannah Tattersall, 2015
- focus on reinventing the 501. Research has shown that tapering is second only to hemming as the most requested denim alteration. As a result they have launched 501CT (custom tapered), ie jeans with a narrower leg than the original, designed to be worn slim. Using multichannel advertising by targeting customers in-store, online, via telephone sales, print and television, billboard, digital campaign and social media; invited magazine editors, musicians, actors and other celebrity influencers to have their jeans custom-fitted.
- aims to position Levi's as a lifestyle brand. As only 5 to 8% of anyone's total spend on clothes is made up of denim products, there is a potential to increase this spend on other Levi products like belt, underwear, jacket, white T-shirts, leather goods, etc


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