Xiii) Blackberry

The firm that produced the BlackBerry started in 1984 and reached its peak in 1990s as a mobile phone plus pocket e-mail and Web server device. It provided security by using its own global indication network to send e-mails. It became very popular in the corporate market until 2007, when Apple launched the iPhone with its standout feature being on screen pop-up keyboard plus music player, built in camera and app store.

BlackBerry did not see the iPhone as a threat, even when Apple lowered its prices for the corporate world and offered them mobile e-mail security. Also, the BlackBerry e-mail network was exposed to embarrassing global blackouts.

BlackBerry stuck to its no-frills approach, even as Google began marketing phones based on its Android operating system that had similar features to the iPhone.
In the first-quarter of 2012 BlackBerry lost over US $120 million and had a 25% drop in sales to $US 4.2 billion. The company is valued at 1/10th of its 2008 peak market capitalisation of $US 78 billion.


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