Iii) Movies

Nickeldeon (1905)

The first Nickeldeon opened its doors a century ago, showing short films around-the-clock for working-class audiences at minimal prices

Palace theatres (1914)

Created by Roxy Rothapfel, these theatres provided an opera-like environment for cinema viewing at affordable prices

AMC multiplex (1960)

The number of multiplexes in suburban shopping malls mushroomed, giving viewers greater choice while reducing costs

AMC megaplex (1995)

Megaplexes offered every blockbuster and provided spectacular viewing experiences in complexes as big as stadiums, at a low cost to operators

NB Hollywood has had an uneasy relationship with technology

"...they hated television. They went to court to outlaw the VCR. These days, they have to contend with digital piracy, Internet distribution, and TiVo boxes. They are keeping a wary eye on the user-generated content on YouTube and the dazzling new videogame players from Microsoft and Sony..."

Marc Gunther, 2006

On-line streaming (2013)

On-demand movies, on-line (Napster, Sam, Netflix, etc)


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