17 Ways To Maintain Disruptive Growth


New Rules

The rules of the game have changed; there is only 2 rules

i) Fail fast, fail cheap, learn fast, fix fast, adapt fast

ii) Develop absolute trust with key stakeholders by being transparent, honest, straight, authentic, etc

In this section consideration will be given to the following areas:

I) Create Ambidextrous Organisation

Ii) Establish A Completely Independent Business Students

Iii) Understand The Difference Between Attribute-Based And Circumstance-Based Categorisation

Iv) Right Process Is Used

V) Three Important Executive Leverage Places

Vi) A Discovery-Driven Method Of Managing The Emergent Strategy Process

Vii) Understand Disruptive Innovation With Interaction Between Different People Around Different Topics

Viii) Say No To A Strategy That Targets Existing Customers

Ix) Target New Customers

X) Focus On Finding Ways To Help Customers Get Things Done More Conveniently And Inexpensively

Xi) Need To Segment The Market That Is Based On The Jobs That Customers Are Trying To Get Done

Xii) If Non-Customers Are Available You Need To Explore Whether A Disruption Is Feasible

Xiii) If You'Re Disruptive Product Or Service Is Not Yet Good Enough

Xiv) Need To Be Careful If Your New Venture Fits Your Organisational Or Common Sense

Xv) Past And Current Successful Managers May Not Be Suitable For The New Business

Xvi) Senior Executives Have Three Roles

Xvii) Need To Develop A Process Called Disruptive Growth Engine

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