Some User Numbers In China (2014)

"...China ended 2014 with 618 million Internet users, of which 500 million were mobile Internet users. 81% of Chinese are now accessing the Internet via mobile. Mobile Internet browsing as a percentage of total Internet browsing has reached 23% by January 2014 - this is a 83% increase in just one year. If the above trend continues, then mobile is going to represent the majority of all personal computing platforms by 2016. In 2015, the number of smart phone users is expected to hit 2 billion. The lower cost of mobile devices combined with the growth of mobile broadband networks will actually see the next billion people who come online bypass desktop computing entirely and go straight to mobiles..."

George Berkowski, 2014

 - QQ (chat service) has 500m. users
- Qzone (social network arm of QQ) has 600m. monthly active users
- WeChat ( messaging app like WhatsApp) has 270+m. users
- Mo Mo ( social dating app) has 100+m. users
- Taobao (Internet shopping site) is twice the size of eBay and Amazon combine\

Chinese disposable income trebled over the 8 year period from 2005 to 2013

"...A typical smart phone user looks at their phone around 150 times per day. In 2013, the average consumer spent an average of two hours and 38 min per day on their smart phone and tablet. That accounts for a whopping 70% of their waking time - that's almost one fifth of the time we spend with their eyes open. Those consumers spend 80% of that time using apps and only 20% on mobile Web. Apps offer the better mobile experience - and a result holds four times more of our daily attention than the mobile web. Almost 60% of our time on games, Facebook or entertainment-related apps..."

George Berkowski, 2014


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