People Want Computers To Be Mobile


Many people only ever interact and see the mobile version of a business. Therefore one needs a mobile strategy and to think differently about content and experiences. Mobile design is very different from desktop, eg the mobile relies on finger taps and swipes, not mouse clicks; it is faster and simpler; different screen size, screen orientations, display densities, etc. Gestures and touch interfaces make things easier and create ways to shortcut and leapfrog mouse clicks and keyboard commands. On the other hand, the size of the iPhone provides constraint.

Do not assume that because it works on the desktop it is suitable for the mobile. Some thoughts on getting the mobile experience right and how to avoid common mistakes, ie
- observe how people behave, rather than trying to anticipate users behaviour; for example bring users into your office to test whether the way you thought they would use a feature is true.
- observe people using your services in their world: can they figure it out on their own? Where do they get stuck? Understand where people get frustrated, etc
- use the service yourself, so that you know it inside out, ie empathise
NB Mobiles provide new tools but also force you to be selective. The platform provides a new level of design rigour that is totally different from the Web

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