Most Successful Organisations Have Been Disrupted At Least Once

These include IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Cisco, Southwest Airlines, Apple, Google, etc. Some like Sony have done it many times.

In the case of Southwest Airlines, as a market disrupter it attracted new customers who would not normally fly. Furthermore, the airline targeted non-major airports, thus staying away from head-on competition against the major airlines. On the other hand, other "low-fare" airlines, which fly to the major airports, have since created the "chronic unprofitability" situation in the industry.

How technology around the mobile phone has changed the game for Microsoft, Apple and Google

The iPod and iTunes changed the way people purchased, listen to and stored music by replacing CDs and MP3 players; similarly, iPhone was a disruptive innovation as it was a true mobile computer, it

- collapsed the power of a desktop computer into mobile phone with powerful operating systems

- integrated Wi-Fi and mobile Internet access

- allowed software writers to operate on it

- introduced centralised app stores where Apple could manage and distribute all mobile computer programs

- changed the keypad and freed more space for a larger screen

- included sensors like GPS (tell you where you are), magnometer (tells which direction is North), accelerometer (detects iPhone mobility), etc

- allowed further development of apps

By using the android system, Google ran an open source software approach, ie anybody in the world, including smart phone manufacturers like Samsung, BlackBerry, etc, could use the android software and tailor it to their own particular needs. This was different from Apple with its iOS system only operating on Apple-made hardware



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