Disruptive Technological Advances Are Making Fantasy Into Possibility

Disruptive technological advances are making fantasy into possibility and launching entire new industries like


- iPhones making the phone into a minicomputer


- Driverless cars


- all the world's knowledge condensed into an easily accessible digital map


- algorithms controlling 70% of all trading on the stock market


- development of drones for commercial use such as deliveries, data collection, etc

NB Drones were initially developed for military use. For example, in 2019, 2 major Saudi Arabian oil facilities sustained crippling damage from military drones. Despite the Saudis having the latest in military hardware, software and high-tech defences, the drones were small enough to go undetected and were sufficiently sophisticated to hit targets with great accuracy. The drones are an indication of a new military weapon.

 - artificial intelligence, etc


"...the digital revolution isn't just altering specific sectors of the economy, it is changing the way we think and live..."

 Thomas Schulz, 2015



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