Viii) The Alternative Is To Look At New Market Customers (Non-Customers)

- this can be harder than winning business at the lower end of the current market, especially as non-customers may consider that it isn't a job that needs to be done. A more productive area can be where people use others, ie tradespeople, to do a particular job as it may be too expensive or too complicated. Making the product/service less complicated, more convenient, less expensive, etc can attract new consumers. For example, Sony's introduction of the world's first battery-powered transistor radio (1995) allowed people who had no radio to buy one. Similarly, the introduction of Sony's 12 inch black-and-white portable television (1959) allowed people who had no television to obtain one. As the alternative was no television or no radio, quality was not an issue. Furthermore, it allowed the discount retailers to become the preferred distribution channels as there was limited follow-up service required compared with the traditional radios using vacuum tubes, etc

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