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Murri on a Mission – Gunnan Gunnan

Murri on a Mission – Gunnan Gunnan

by Albert Holt

Testimonial for Uncle Albert's book - Murri On A Mission

"...We have been guided by elders such as uncle Albert who have been generous with their time and their knowledge.

Uncle Albert has spent much of his life fostering greater understanding of the deep meaning of Aboriginal culture through his work as a police liaison officer, his efforts in helping to create the Murri Court, and by telling stories to school children . This book adds to the significant work he has already completed .

Uncle Albert knows the importance of respect, respect for yourself, for your culture and respect for others......I have personally learnt much from my friendship of Uncle Albert and this book will ensure even more people will benefit from his wisdom..."

Hon. Annastacia Plalasczuk, Premier of Queensland, Australia (2015)

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