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MASTERCLASS - Organisational Change Management - The complete set

vol1 to vol5 organisational change management1

This publication comprises 5 volumes that cover:

  1. Background to change (including general background, definitions, trends, ie impacts of neuroscience, social media, project management, etc), characteristics of high-performance organisations, fundamental forces that drive organisational change (motivation & persuasion, evolutionary physiology, human instincts, etc), ROI on a change project, common management errors, reasons why organisational change efforts often fail, limitations of using overseas change management frameworks, 60+ change management frameworks with detailed explanations, case studies)
  2. Seven essential ingredients for an organisational change (can be used to plan, establish, develop, implement, check progress, audit performance, and monitor and evaluate an organisational change)
  3. The change implementation techniques (around 70) for Ingredient 1 (laying the foundation for new ways)
  4. The change implementation techniques (around 70) for Ingredient 2 (creating a sense of urgency)
  5. The balance of 240+ change implementation techniques for Ingredients 3 to 7; creativity; customer management; answers to pre-test and case studies; 1,300+ references and acknowledgments, etc.

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