Well-being and resilience are linked

"...well-being is a state of mind where you think you are in charge of your life......if you have strong well-being, you are more likely to be resilient and absorb unexpected events......well-being is caused by having frequent positive experiences. It is developed through pleasure, using your strengths and having a sense of meaning (identifying with and contributing to something beyond - higher than - ourselves). These experiences contribute to a reservoir of well-being, that can be drawn on during hard times. This builds resilience......if people are resilient, they know whatever happens to them, they will find a way out of it, they will find a way forward..."

Roger Collins has quoted by Fiona Smith 2008n

Well-being has reciprocal benefits, ie for the organisation and its people. It is more sustainable than engagement alone. Engagement has more benefits for the employer than the employee, ie it is employer-centric


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