Change Implementation Techniques for Forming Transitional Team, Creating Alignment, Maximizing Connectedness and Creativity

Technique 4.1 Questions Around Organisational Relationships

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In trying to understand organisational relationships, the following questions are helpful

1. How much emotionality is appropriate? Should the relationship be

- very aloof and professional as in a doctor-patient relationship, or

- very emotionally charged, as in a friendship

2. Should the relationship be

- very specific, dealing only with the exact reason for the relationship, such as in sales-customer relationship, or

- diffuse, as in most friendships?

3. Do the participants know each other

- in very general universalistic terms based on stereotypes, as in most sale relationships, or

- in a very particularistic way, as a whole person?

4. Are social rewards, such a status and rank, assigned on the basis of

- what the person is by birth or family membership - what is ascribed to him or her (mate-ocracy), or

- what the person has actually accomplished - his or her achievements (merit-ocracy)

(source: Edgar Schein, 2004)

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