Change Implementation Techniques for Creating a Sense of Urgency

Technique 2.63 Screening Products & Services for Success

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Answer the following questions with "yes", "maybe", "no"; any "no" answers will highlight possible failure of the product or services

1. Is the product or service real? Yes Maybe No

1.1 Is the market real? Yes Maybe No

1.1.1 Is there a need or desire for the product or service? Yes Maybe No

1.1.2 Can the customer buy it? Yes Maybe No

1.1.3 Is the size of the potential market adequate? Yes Maybe No

1.1.4 Will the customer buy the product? Yes Maybe No

1.2 Is the product or service authentic? Yes Maybe No

1.2.1 Is there a clear concept? Yes Maybe No

1.2.2 Can the product or service be developed? Yes Maybe No

1.2.3 Will the final product or service satisfy the market? Yes Maybe No

2. Can you win? Yes Maybe No

2.1 Can the product or service be competitive? Yes Maybe No

2.1.1 Does it have a competitive advantage? Yes Maybe No

2.1.2 Can the advantage be sustained? Yes Maybe No

2.1.3 How will competitors respond? Yes Maybe No

2.2 Can our organisation be competitive? Yes Maybe No

2.2.1 Do you have superior resources? Yes Maybe No

2.2.2 Do you have appropriate management? Yes Maybe No

2.2.3 Can you understand and respond to the market? Yes Maybe No

3. Is it worth doing? Yes Maybe No

3.1 Will the product or service be profitable an acceptable risk?

Yes Maybe No

3.1.1 Are the expected returns greater than costs? Yes Maybe No

3.1.2 Are the risks acceptable? Yes Maybe No

3.2 Does launching the product or service make strategic sense?

Yes Maybe No

3.2.1 Does the product or service fit your overall growth strategy?

Yes Maybe No

3.2.2 Will top management support it? Yes Maybe No

If the answers to any of these questions is "no", it is expected that the product or service has a strong potential to fail. Any "maybe" answers need to be converted to "yes" answers. (source: George Day, 2007)

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