Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Four Types of Managers

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. Managers need to deliver the numbers while maintaining, ie sharing , the organisation's values.

. There are 4 types of managers

i) type I managers deliver on commitments ‐ financial or otherwise ‐ and their behaviour demonstrates that they share the organisation's values.

ii) type 2 managers do not make commitments and their behaviour demonstrates does not that they share the organisation's values

iii) type 3 managers miss on commitments but their behaviour demonstrates that they share the organisation's values

iv) type 4 managers deliver on commitments but their behaviour demonstrates that they do not share the organisation's values

. Type 1 is the ideal manager; type 2 is a manager who is "encouraged"to leave; type 3 is given another chance, preferably in a different work environment; type 4 is usually the manager who forces performance out of staff, rather than inspiring them, ie autocrat or tyrant who is usually a bully. Thus, type 4 managers should not be kept in the organization

. Some examples of the behaviours of Type 2 are

- a record breaking salesperson who charms the customers but abuses the support staff

- an ambitious young executive who climbs over colleagues on the way up the corporate ladder.

(sources: Jack Welch et al, 2001; Rose-Anne Manns, 2007c)

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