Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Characteristics of Short-term Wins

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Some characteristics of short-term wins are

. Impact, ie immediate and high

. Visibility, ie highly visible projects that are most likely to succeed

. Real, ie not creative accountancy

. Genuine, ie produce substantive results

. Unambiguous, ie have a clear benefit

. Clearly related to the change process

. Fast, ie achievable in 3 to 6 months

. Desirable, ie what staff appreciates and wants (rather than what management thinks their staff would appreciate and want), ie

"...reward employees according to their thirst......find out what forms of recognition they value most by asking questions such as, What's the best praise or reward you ever received? Who did come from? What did it mean to you?......Identify employees' core personalities (dominant, independent, compliant, etc) and provide incentives designed for each. For example, highly competitive employees - sales people, for instance - can strive for the ticket receive gifts tailored to their interests......recognition doesn't have to take the form of formal incentives.......A simple hand written note of thanks or a small gathering may be all that is needed..."

Lauren Keller Johnson, 2005

Thus in determining the most appropriate rewards for short-term wins, need to consider the following:

- organisational needs

- balance of intangible/tangible rewards

- personal needs

- group/team needs

- recognition factors

- timing


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