Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Successful Team Tactics

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Some rules for creating synergy and getting more out of a team

. Clarify at the outset the importance of the perspective that each player brings to the team

. Treat everyone with respect - make sure that each person has an opportunity to contribute and to participate, including the introverts and junior staff who may feel intimidated

. Value everyone's contribution, regardless of how it might appear at first. Remember: seeds of brilliance may be contained in a notion that at first looks ridiculous, or the idea may stimulate another idea. Look for what is right in an idea before you look for what is wrong

. Build bridges of understanding so that the team is always open to contrasting points of view; don't dismiss differences on opinion, beliefs, values or ideas. Conflict often leads to creativity. Use opposing perspectives to create a better framework

. Target the ideas, not the person, because creative thinking can only blossom in an accepting environment where there is no possibility of personal attack

. Managers should model behaviour, as team members look to the leader for cues about appropriate actions and attitudes. If the manager respects others, listens well, demonstrates open-mindedness, acts with honesty, people will follow suit.

Confront non-contributing or obstructionist team members, but do it without blame or hostility. (source: Robert Kriegel et al, 1996)

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