Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Are Teams the Right Strategy?

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In order to determine whether or not teams are the desired strategy, answer the following questions:

. Are teams the best way?

- Does the job require a high level of employee interaction?

- Will a team be too costly or take too long to get the task completed?

- Will teams unduly complicate, rather than simplify, the job?

- Is it overkill to use a team for this project?

- Can individuals do the job more easily and effectively?

- Do teams fit into the organisation's overall strategy (sometimes ad hoc or casual teams are not aligned with the organisation's overall strategy)

. What type of team?

. Resources needed?

. How to handle the different stages that teams go through, eg disorientation?

. Remember: people behave according to how they are measured/rewarded/recognised

. Do potential members of the team have the "right"attitude to be an effective team, ie collective v. individualistic?


i) Teams arehigh maintenance and moreexpensive than the alternatives such as treating staff as individual performers

ii) Teams should not become a knee-jerk solution to any problem

iii) Teams do not suit some individuals such as "lone wolves"(computer nerds, etc) and/or "rugged individuals"(extroverted sales staff, etc)

(sources: Robert Hicks et al, 1990; Robert Kriegel et al, 1996; Harry Onsman, 2004d)

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