Organisational Change Management Volume 2

Striking the Right Balance

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. To create and sustain an environment of trust during change, leaders must strike a balance between these 6 pairs of opposites:


The Six Tensions of Leading Change

Business Concerns

People Elements


Catalyse change: Champion an initiative or a significant change, consistently promote it, and encourage others to get on board.

Cope with transition: Recognise and address the personal and emotional aspects of change.


Show a sense of urgency: Demonstrate the need to take action; accelerate the pace of change.

Demonstrate realistic patience: Know when and how to slow the pace so that people can cope and adapt.


Be tough: Make difficult decisions without hesitation or second guessing.

Be empathetic: Take others' perspectives into account; understand the impact of your actions and decisions.


Show optimism: See the positive side of a challenge; convey that optimism to others.

Be realistic and open: Speak candidly about the situation, and don't shy away from difficulties; admit personal mistakes.


Be self-reliant: Be confident in your ability to handle new challenges.

Trust others: Be open to others' input and support, allow them to do their part.


Capitalise on strengths: Know your personal and organisational strengths; confidently apply them to new situations and circumstances.

Go against the grain: Show willingness to learn and try new things ‐ even when the process is difficult or painful.

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